Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gender Confusion

Photo by by Annie Warhol (who took it from somewhere)
I just want to say that when I was younger and going through a punk rock stage, thinking I might have a chance at becoming a rock star (until I sadly realized I had only enough talent to sing in the shower—alone) I started writing songs. They were, of course, terrible. But there's one song I wrote that keeps running through my brain. I called "Gender Confusion." And the only lyrics I penned were those: gender confusion. (I may have written more but who can remember?) They came with some awesome electric guitar power chords full of distortion. Now I'm asking,  how the hell did I know how these lyrics would resonate years later? I know I wrote it about my own state of gender confusion and the confusion I saw all around me. It was a very androgynous cultural period and I related. It just shows that I've always been on the gender edge, myself. Some call me gender queer. And I am, I suppose. But gender queer just sounds too cool for me. Still, it's far superior to the other word: confused.

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