Thursday, December 20, 2012

Shopping for my man

Photo via Flickr by marsmet451
Just a little aside: Yesterday I went shopping. I was buying some clothing for my man (still feels awkward to say but it's starting to feel a little bit better the more I use it.) Anyhow, when he was a she, he wore men's clothes. So I always had to explain that yes – he was that she wore men's clothing but still wanted to wear men's clothing. Follow that? So this time, when the sales lady asked me about the clothing, I just used the male pronoun. And I even referred to R as my husband. It made it all so much easier. I just explained that he's not a really big guy. It felt like a hurdle. I think it might be the first time I'm simply referred to him as a key in pass. And all of a sudden I felt like an imposter Pretending to be straight and have a husband it also felt ok. R still isn't passing so this can only happen without him at the moment.

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